Our Partners

Tree hill fresh LTD & Venture fresh LTD, Kenya

James Makori started Tree Hill Fresh Ltd in 2007 from local production of fresh produce for the local market. Tree Hill is based five kilometres from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi Kenya. They have been supplying customers in France, England, the Netherlands and Australia. Tree hill fresh owns two farms located in different regions of the country at different altitudes, which guarantees a year round supply of fresh produce. Products from Tree Hill Fresh ranges but not limited to the following;

  • Avocados
  • Sugar snaps
  • Snow Peas
  • French beans
  • Passion Fruit

In addition the company also subcontracts small scale farmers to supplement the production from the farms. Tree Hill / Ventures Fresh organizes the out growers into synergetic groups which then supports by supplying them with inputs on credit, machinery, technical support/assistance on safe use of pesticides and environment protection, and regular trainings on emerging farming trends. Our out-growers are closely supervised to ensure that they adhere to the set out standards. All the farms adhere to sound environmental farming practices and are under irrigation, meaning that production can be carried out throughout the year, in response to market demand. The production is overseen by a technical team headed which oversees the entire end to end process. Further, the company receives technical support from external organizations on an on-going basis. Tree Hill believes in sustainable business through tangible respect for the environment and the society in the following ways:

  • Proudly support the need of people in the society and remarkably the ‘Matter Hospital Heart Run’, which reaches out yearly to thousands children born with heart conditions.
  • Religiously supply quality vegetables to the Our Lady of Nazareth Children’s home once a week.
  • Tree Hill also recently started a school for Orphan children in Tassia slums called Sacred Joy Academy which supports the teaching staff and workers. The school also feed the children five days a week.
  • The company is also involved in tree planting at Karura forest and environmental cleaning activities around the city of Nairobi.


Latin America United Producers of Michoacán, Mexico

United Producers of Michoacán is an association of producers specialized in avocados, grapefruits, bananas, mangoes and papayas. The association was created in 2016 to help 1500 small farmers gain access and deliver their produce to international markets at fair prices. Macari Fruit Services has established a joint venture with UPM’s office in Rotterdam in order to grant access to a vast network of clients and services, business developing, quality assurance and technical support. Through Macari’s services platform, Michoacan’s farmers will be able to focus on growing top quality produce while we handle customer support, quality control and logistics among other services. This joint venture will ensure Michoacán’s farmers receive fair prices from their produce, “the real fair trade” which will enable them to keep investing in technology and give a better quality of living to their families. Our joint venture is expected to impact more than 6000 families across Michoacán valley.



Panalpina manages our supply chains needs through  Air or Ocean Freight. This international logistics company with an in-depth industry know-how and customized IT systems delivers tailor-made end-to-end solutions to our logistics needs at Macari Fruits Services.